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second nature

ANIMATION / 360 VIDEO Aug 2020

As we rely more and more on digital images for communication and self-expression, the image itself has started to create a new conversation and formed its own contemporary reality in the post-digital age. This project revolves around the relationship between digital images and the reality that we live in now, and how the digital image shapes our perception and sensory cognition of the “real” world and the things around us. 

By picturing this new, post-digital reality through the lens of something we are incredibly familiar, the natural world, in this case, a digital garden, this project explored contemporary image culture - as these two worlds are affecting and reflecting each other. The project also provided an opportunity to drive new insights and to inspire cognitive shifts on the perceived reality we live in now.

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当我们越来越依赖数字图像来进行交流和自我表达的时候,图像本身也开始在后数字时代创造新的话题,并形成当代的现实。这个项目围绕着数字图像与我们现在所处的现实之间的关系所展开,以及数字图像如何塑造我们对 "真实 "世界的感知和认知。

︎ 由于国内支持全景视频的平台效果不理想或是暂不支持全景视频,这里是一段第一视角的效果录屏展示。

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