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reality synthesis


Reality Synthesis is a project exploring the relationship between the digital image and reality. The project's conception was based in response to the essay, “In Defense of the Poor Image” by Hito Steyerl which he presented through the use of interactive images. The interpretation of the text shows the contemporary definition of “poor images” and questions the role it plays in the digital world.

The two draggable “rocks” represent the contemporary debris of audiovisual production in the “digital economies”. As the “rock” spreads across the screen, the moving image on the “rock” loses its resolution. It leaves a visual “echo” effect which embodies a large amount of time - the same way infinite amounts of images are being shared across the internet over and over again. The captured video behind the “rock” represents the reality, and shows the dislocation and displacement of images, and this demonstrates that the spin of the information is much more important than the factual content.

现实合成器这个项目基于对黑特·史德耶尔(Hito Steyerl)的《为坏图像辩护》这篇论文的启发,通过交互图像探索数字网络图像和现实之间的关系。对文章的解读展现了当代背景下对坏图像(the poor image)的定义,同时引发对坏图像在数字荒原里扮演的角色的思考。


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