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future maker

Amidst the current social background, there’s a guiding invisible power, a giant machine producing outward facing forms. Forms that are lost, over and over in batches. When a thing of value can be produced so easily, It becomes surplus. It loses its original value. People are no exception. Superficial imitation and replication can only reduce one’s value.

Plastic is THE material to express bondage and batch-type production. Endless production of plastic products is a result of volume Vs. cost - Mass production coupled with substitution of any more expensive materials. Plastics is living a lie. Always “pretending” to be other materials. Our life is filled with plastics.

Plastic is the testament of our time - A world flooded with numb minds. People who are always “pretending” to be someone else, desperate to fill the mould of the freshest stereotype off the press.